5 Essential Oils for Sleep

If you’ve tried the mindfulness apps, breathing exercises, digital detox and bedtime routines, but you’re still struggling to fall asleep at night? The right essential oil might just be the thing to help you drift off.

Great-smelling essential oils promote relaxation to prepare your body for sleep, they enhance the quality of your sleep and your brain will associate the smell with bedtime, knowing that it’s time to call it a day. This is the list of the best 5 essential oils to help sleep.

5 Essential Oils for Sleep


Lavender is a very popular essential oil for sleep and relaxation, and much research has been done around its ability to improve sleep and reduce anxiety. The soothing scent has a sedative effect and, according to studies, helps with depression and pain relief.


The floral scent is linked to improved sleep quality, as it helps prevent restless sleep. Research has also shown that it can increase daytime alertness and lower anxiety.


Unless the scent will send you to your grocery cupboard in search of cookies, it’s a good option for bedtime. The sweet, spicy fragrance is recognised for its sedative, antidepressant and relaxation qualities.


The go-to for many moms treating their child’s restlessness and anxiety, chamomile is well known for boosting the release of hormones that help reduce stress and trigger drowsiness.


The comforting, woodsy scent is believed to work as a sedative, as it supports the healthy function of the pineal gland, which releases melatonin (the sleep hormone). Research also shows that it decreases heart rate and blood pressure, alleviating hypertension and anxiety.